What’s Wrong With Network Marketing?

When people and their enterprises are constantly focused on “what’s wrong?” the creative energy required to sustain life and work is draining, and with it the Freedom, Growth and Joy all human beings aspire to experience and express through authentically living their lives and pursuing their dreams. We have created a “negative world” (and not just in network marketing). Wherever we turn and look today, we see examples of the dissatisfaction and deterioration of the quality of life and work.

In this negative world, The Second Law of Thermodynamics (the tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity, i.e.; death) rules… the Life Force (energy) of everything and everyone is running down, dissipating, diminishing. The Law of Attraction–Like Attracts Like–brings even more negativity… more of what’s wrong and what is not working. It is an endless downward spiral…

What is required to change this “State of Being” (for the planet and each one of us) is a 180 degree SHIFT of focus with our minds from “What’s wrong?” to “What’s right?” From draining energy to building our individual and collective creative energies…

Why ask “What’s Right?”
In order to get a principle to work in the way we require it to, we must observe its action when it is working spontaneously in this particular direction. We must ask why it goes in the right direction as far as it does–and having learnt this we shall then be able to make it go further.

The law of flotation was not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things, but by contemplating the floating of things which floated naturally, and then intelligently asking why they did so.

The knowledge of a principle is to be gained by the study of its affirmative action: when we understand that, we are in a position to correct the negative conditions, which tend to prevent that action.
– Thomas Troward (1847-1916)

These “Five Right Questions” you are about to learn were pioneered by the work of Kurt Wright and detailed in his landmark book Breaking The Rules Removing the Obstacles to Effortless High Performance. They represent nearly 30 years of on-the-field research in Corporate America into what human beings are like when they are at their creative, productive, fulfilled BEST. They are a power-tool we can all use to make the shift from negativity into positive creativity.

When understood, internalized and integrated into our daily conversations through practice and repetition… these questions unite the vital partnership of our head-and-heart (the rational/analytical “conscious” mind and the intuition/imagination), resulting in a constantly increasing creative energy for accomplishment and the fulfillment of our on-going Life Purpose.

They will also result in the disappearance of the draining, repetitive negative symptoms of constantly focusing on “What’s wrong with network marketing?” causing a reversal of fortunes you would not have believed possible before.

The Five Right Questions

1. What’s right…?

This question (formed by the mind) instantly focus on the positive and productive (away from the negative and deconstructive)… engages the heart (intuition and imagination) and is energy-building (rather than draining)….

2. What makes that right…?

With this second question, we are discovering Values, what is really most important… transmuting the “data”– the factual answer to the first question– and evolving that by getting to the “essence”, thereby turning facts into knowledge and wisdom. This is alchemy. This is the child’s “Why is the sky blue?” question. This question strengthens and raises the vibration…. and we’re ready to move on to the next question, which demands even greater creative energy to explore…

3. What would be ideal…?

Here, we begin to pursue the possibilities…. We have ventured into the domain of “What you don’t know that you don’t know….” This is the Visionary question, engaging the Intuition and Imagination and moving beyond the limits of the rational mind… and it is directly linked to the power of the Pleasure and Passion of our Purpose….

4. What’s not yet quite right….?

This question explores and articulates the exact size and shape of the hole(s) in the Vision that need to be filled to bring the picture (image: as in imagination) of what’s possible into being… what’s required to complete our Ideal. Built on the growing energy of the first three questions, it transcends the mental-judging of “what’s wrong?” and literally gives direction to Creation itself. Without this step, we almost always get square pegs for our round holes….

5. What will it take…?

The Question that leads you… “What will it take to ______________ (filling in the blank with the Vision of the Ideal) for the highest good of myself and all concerned…?” This is the Visionary’s request for Inspired Action….

“What wrong with network marketing?” is no longer the proper question to ask. Asking “What’s right with network marketing?” will open up whole new vistas of creativity and positive results. Try it… just as an experiment… and notice what begins to happen for you.

Internet Marketing and Direct Sales – Why a Personal Website is a Must

If you are currently in a direct sales company and planning to grow your business primarily online, there is one thing you MUST have.

What is it? A personal website owned and hosted by you.

This website is not the same as a company provided “cookie cutter” site that most direct sales companies provide. These websites are usually hosted on the same domain as the parent site, and all company representatives have the same site with the exception of their personal information.

These websites that your company provides are good for a few things:

1. You can buy a domain name and have it forwarded to your company site and use this new address on your business cards to lead customers’ right to your company website.

2. These company sites usually provide ordering and drop shipping, which alone is very useful to a direct seller.

3. A sign up form to recruit new members is also usually included on these websites.

While it is extremely beneficial to have a company “cookie cutter” website (and I wouldn’t recommend joining a company without one) there are some things these sites will not do that are needed to build a business online. Most importantly, get traffic from the search engines.

To run an effective online business you must get traffic from the search engines, most importantly, people actually looking for information on your opportunity. The reason your company website will not get you traffic is because every other member of your company also has the same company website with the same information.

Search engines do not like a lot of duplicate content and tend to only list the official company website at the top of the listings when a search is performed. Having your own personal website gives you total control on what information you want to present about your opportunity, and use the keywords you would like to be targeted for in the search engines.

When built correctly your personal website will get traffic from the search engines, provide the content your searcher was looking for, and direct them to your company website sales or signup page. Building your own personal website and using it in conjunction with your company website is essential for building an online direct sales business.

Finding the Right Marketing Mix for Your Business

Regardless of whether you have been in business for many years or are just starting out, sales and marketing expenses can accumulate very quickly. It is important to be able to justify the money spent on marketing expenses as a direct correlation to your business’ sales.

One of the trickier aspects to running a business is finding the right marketing mix. E-mail marketing through regular newsletters is a cost effective way to get your message across to a large group at once, and is much less expensive to create and distribute than most other marketing vehicles.

Direct Mail
Expenses – Design time, printing, postage

Average Cost – $1.50 / piece

Average Response Rate – 2-3%


Expenses – Phone, man power

Average Cost – $2.00 / respondent

Average Response Rate – 20%

E-mail Newsletters

Expenses – Copy creation

Average Cost – $0.25 / recipient

Average Response Rate – 25 – 35%

E-mail Marketing is also one of the easiest marketing activities for your business to track the return on your investment. By including an offer in your newsletter, with a special newsletter only promo code or simply have them redeem the offer by “mentioning this newsletter” you can easily keep track of your sales and leads generated from the newsletter, determining the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Or for an even more advanced method to calculating your return on investment (ROI) use the following equation:

New Proven Tips On Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a very popular form of online marketing which is based on promotion of websites by making them more visible in the Search Engine result pages.

It’s a wonderful marketing strategy that is gaining success for its users. More and more marketers and businessmen are starting to use this kind of promotion because of its profitability and simplicity. The internet markets strategies are a very important source of the success or failure in the home based business. Today no online business can succeed without having proper flow to their website. It’s one of the most exciting and effective tools of home based business promotion.

Everyone who wants to profit from their business in the web must have this flow generated. But it’s not enough just to have it, it must also be the traffic of very high quality. To ensure that you get web traffic of proper quality, you have to put a lot of effort to keep your target market in front of you. There are many ways of using this tool of promotion and you will sure find it and excellent way of promoting your website online. It lets you work from home and watch your popularity grow. Before you start using this strategy to increase your web popularity, there are few thing you ought to know.

First, you have to know what kind of people can become your potential customers. This target group has to be defined. To do this you have to know some details about your business.

If you know who your actual buyers are, you will be able to place the links to your site, as well as your ads, on the sites that they visit. After doing this you should make search engine optimize your web site. To improve the page ranking of your web site you have add tags to it, change its content, use pay per click ads which increase the flow of traffic towards your site.

This way of promotion is very effective, however you must remember to keep some important tips about it in your mind. If you are to be resultful with your Search Engine Marketing and be able to get the proper traffic that you want, you have to follow some advices I give you below:

The most important thing for you is to define your site theme an emphasis and stick to your theme all the time. When you write content for your site, it is a crucial thing to give it a clear sense of direction in every aspect of it. You should ensure yourself that all the content you publish on the site are unified by a coherent idea and directed in a common direction. It is also a crucial thing to include proper number of the keywords connected to your theme on your site content. The keywords are this important thing that drive traffic to your site based on the search engine perspective.

What more you can do is to exchange links with different sites in the web order to create inbound links with other pages. The links of these sites will be present on your site and your e links on their sites that directed towards your site, which is going to become better way to make your site attractive and give it a good ranking in the search engine page results.

The strategy is going to gain your business popularity and increase you income while you work from home! It’s one of the most important tools in the home based business strategies.