Irrigation Automation Market: Trend, Forecast, Opportunity

The irrigation automation market size is estimated to account for a value of USD 2.8 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18.5% from 2020 to reach a value of USD 6.7 billion by 2025. Factors such as increased mechanization and adoption of smart technologies for agricultural activities, government initiatives to promote water conservation, and the growing awareness among farmers about the benefits of adopting irrigation automation are the key drivers fueling the growth of the irrigation automation market. New product, service, and technology launch was the dominant strategies adopted by key players to capitalize on the strong market potential.

By irrigation type, drip irrigation segment is estimated to account for a larger market share, in terms of value

Most developing countries across the globe make use of irrigation technologies, such as sprinklers and drip irrigation. The automation of drip irrigation has become increasingly popular due to higher consistency in yields, reduced power usage as compared to sprinkler irrigation, the possibility of being used in smaller pieces of land, and higher efficiency in the application of fertilizers with little or no leaching.

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By components, controllers segment is estimated to account for a larger market share, in terms of value

The irrigation automation market, based on components, is segmented into controllers, valves, sensors, sprinklers, and other components, which include pressure gauges, monitoring devices, and flow meters. Controllers hold the largest share as they are the central unit of the entire irrigation automation system and are also the costliest component. The increased demand for semi-automatic systems, such as time-based and volume-based systems, in developing countries, has led to an increase in demand for simple controllers across the globe.

By automation type, time-based irrigation automation system is projected to account for a larger market share

The market for irrigation automation, based on automation type, has been segmented into time-based, volume-based, real-time feedback, and computer-based irrigation control systems. Since developing countries majorly use irrigation automation systems for agricultural lands, the need for semi-automated irrigation systems, which would allow timely intervention at different irrigation stages, and is cost-effective remains high. Due to these factors, the time-based segment is projected to account for the largest share in the irrigation automation market.

Asia-Pacific is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period

The increased awareness among farmers about the benefits related to the adoption of semi-automated and automated irrigation systems, along with reducing water levels in river basins of the Asia Pacific region, are some of the factors driving the growth of the market. The change in precipitation pattern is compelling farmers to use sensor-based irrigation systems to take better-informed decisions.

This report includes a study on the marketing and development strategies, along with a survey of the product portfolios of the leading companies operating in the irrigation automation market. It includes the profiles of leading companies, such as The Toro Company (US), Hunter Industries (US), Valmont Industries Inc. (US), Rain Bird (US), Jain Irrigation Systems (India), Lindsay Corporation (US), Netafim (Israel), Galcon (Israel), Rubicon Water (Australia), Weathermatic (US), Nelson Irrigation (US), Mottech Water Solution Ltd (Israel), Avanijal Agri Automation Pvt Ltd. (India), Calsense (US), Water Bit (US), and Hydropoint Data Systems (US), Irritec S.P.A (Italy), Blurain (India), Novagric (Spain), Hortau (US), Tevatronic (Italy), and Dorset Group B.V (Netherlands).

Bespoke Event Company in Mumbai

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Cleaning Tips For Fabric Shades, Curtains And Draperies

Below are some tips on how to clean these types of window treatments and keep them looking beautiful and new for a long time:

First vacuum the fabric covering thoroughly to remove any loose particles or dirt from the surface.
Next use an upholstery cleaner to clean the curtains with. Wet a cloth in water with mild soap added to it before applying the cleaner.
Blinds in Sydney should be vacuumed before wiping with the upholstery cleaner. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the vertical surfaces and then dry them off by wiping along each slat in order from top to bottom, not side to side as this will damage or break wood pieces of blinds. Spraying water onto the dirtier areas is okay but try not to saturate them too much because they can warp easily if you do so. Dry immediately using the same method listed above for cleaning curtains.
For roller blinds in Sydney, use mild soap on a damp cloth that has been wrung out well after being soaked in warm water instead of applying it directly onto the shade material itself; this could cause discoloration as well as damage to the fabric.
For vertical blinds, only use dry cloth or towels for cleaning to ensure that you do not damage.
You should avoid using too much water since it could cause mould build up on the fabric fibres which will make them smell bad after a while. If they have already begun smelling foul due to moisture build-up, wash them with mild soap but be careful about how long you soak these fabrics because some may bleed out colour into other areas of the fabric. This will make the colour of your blinds look faded and dull.
Fabric shade cleaning methods include wiping down dirty areas with mild soap solution mixed in warm water so long as it doesn’t turn out very wet because excess liquids seeping through their fibres could cause discoloration issues over time if left unattended, by failing to rinse off the soap thoroughly enough before letting them dry completely afterwards.
If needed then go ahead and reposition your window so that there is greater light so that you can see the dirty areas better.
Wipe down these same dirty parts with an old, clean cloth dampened in that mild soap solution combined in warm water again.
There are some fabrics that do not need to be wet washed especially if they have been labelled as “dry clean only” but still may need dry washing depending on what type of fabric they’re made from because there is no way for us to know unless we wash them or ask somebody who knows about this kind of thing.
Fabrics like linen don’t require much work at all when it comes to cleaning compared to others which may look cleaner after initially being cleaned without having undergone thorough rinsing and washing. However, when it comes to fabric drapes and blinds, thorough rinsing and washing is essential.
Fabric roman blinds in Sydney should be placed in a dryer with two to three tennis balls for five to fifteen minutes after they have been thoroughly washed and rinsed. This will make the blinds soft and fluffy like before. They can be dried outside but it could take several days which isn’t practical if you need them immediately, especially during winter time when we don’t want our windows exposed for long periods of time because cold air seeps through these openings leading us to turn on heaters again making energy bills shoot up.

Drying outside is not great for curtains as well so drying them inside may be required even though you will have a nice bright sunny weather. If you have too many drapes to clean at once, try hanging them from a clothesline for as long as needed before they are dry. This will help cut down the drying time and also save energy by not using an electric or gas-powered appliance.

Draperies do best with occasional dusting which is different from deeper cleaning because of their size and weight. A quick vacuum does wonders on these treatments even though some may still need a wash now and then depending on how often they get used or exposed to dirtier environments such as kitchens where grease can accumulate quickly rendering drapery materials unusable if it’s left untreated. For fabrics that tend to attract more soil particles over time there is no alternative but deep cleansing with soft fabric cleaner or any other mild detergent on a gentle cycle. In case of stubborn stains, it’s best to consult with fabric care professionals on how to get rid of them without damaging the materials. For fabrics not suitable for washing in general there are dry cleaning methods that can be used instead including steam cleaning and manual brushing depending on what type is being cleaned.

Now that you have a few tips for cleaning fabric shades, curtains and draperies, it’s time to dust off your vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming is the most important step in keeping these items, especially fabric blinds in Sydney, looking like new. Always start at one end of the shade or curtain to remove any debris from the top first before working down towards the bottom. This will prevent particles from getting caught in folds and causing more work later on when taking out those stubborn wrinkles. If you happen to spot any stains while vacuuming, try using a small amount of dish soap mixed with water as an alternative stain remover.

What’s Wrong With Network Marketing?

When people and their enterprises are constantly focused on “what’s wrong?” the creative energy required to sustain life and work is draining, and with it the Freedom, Growth and Joy all human beings aspire to experience and express through authentically living their lives and pursuing their dreams. We have created a “negative world” (and not just in network marketing). Wherever we turn and look today, we see examples of the dissatisfaction and deterioration of the quality of life and work.

In this negative world, The Second Law of Thermodynamics (the tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity, i.e.; death) rules… the Life Force (energy) of everything and everyone is running down, dissipating, diminishing. The Law of Attraction–Like Attracts Like–brings even more negativity… more of what’s wrong and what is not working. It is an endless downward spiral…

What is required to change this “State of Being” (for the planet and each one of us) is a 180 degree SHIFT of focus with our minds from “What’s wrong?” to “What’s right?” From draining energy to building our individual and collective creative energies…

Why ask “What’s Right?”
In order to get a principle to work in the way we require it to, we must observe its action when it is working spontaneously in this particular direction. We must ask why it goes in the right direction as far as it does–and having learnt this we shall then be able to make it go further.

The law of flotation was not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things, but by contemplating the floating of things which floated naturally, and then intelligently asking why they did so.

The knowledge of a principle is to be gained by the study of its affirmative action: when we understand that, we are in a position to correct the negative conditions, which tend to prevent that action.
– Thomas Troward (1847-1916)

These “Five Right Questions” you are about to learn were pioneered by the work of Kurt Wright and detailed in his landmark book Breaking The Rules Removing the Obstacles to Effortless High Performance. They represent nearly 30 years of on-the-field research in Corporate America into what human beings are like when they are at their creative, productive, fulfilled BEST. They are a power-tool we can all use to make the shift from negativity into positive creativity.

When understood, internalized and integrated into our daily conversations through practice and repetition… these questions unite the vital partnership of our head-and-heart (the rational/analytical “conscious” mind and the intuition/imagination), resulting in a constantly increasing creative energy for accomplishment and the fulfillment of our on-going Life Purpose.

They will also result in the disappearance of the draining, repetitive negative symptoms of constantly focusing on “What’s wrong with network marketing?” causing a reversal of fortunes you would not have believed possible before.

The Five Right Questions

1. What’s right…?

This question (formed by the mind) instantly focus on the positive and productive (away from the negative and deconstructive)… engages the heart (intuition and imagination) and is energy-building (rather than draining)….

2. What makes that right…?

With this second question, we are discovering Values, what is really most important… transmuting the “data”– the factual answer to the first question– and evolving that by getting to the “essence”, thereby turning facts into knowledge and wisdom. This is alchemy. This is the child’s “Why is the sky blue?” question. This question strengthens and raises the vibration…. and we’re ready to move on to the next question, which demands even greater creative energy to explore…

3. What would be ideal…?

Here, we begin to pursue the possibilities…. We have ventured into the domain of “What you don’t know that you don’t know….” This is the Visionary question, engaging the Intuition and Imagination and moving beyond the limits of the rational mind… and it is directly linked to the power of the Pleasure and Passion of our Purpose….

4. What’s not yet quite right….?

This question explores and articulates the exact size and shape of the hole(s) in the Vision that need to be filled to bring the picture (image: as in imagination) of what’s possible into being… what’s required to complete our Ideal. Built on the growing energy of the first three questions, it transcends the mental-judging of “what’s wrong?” and literally gives direction to Creation itself. Without this step, we almost always get square pegs for our round holes….

5. What will it take…?

The Question that leads you… “What will it take to ______________ (filling in the blank with the Vision of the Ideal) for the highest good of myself and all concerned…?” This is the Visionary’s request for Inspired Action….

“What wrong with network marketing?” is no longer the proper question to ask. Asking “What’s right with network marketing?” will open up whole new vistas of creativity and positive results. Try it… just as an experiment… and notice what begins to happen for you.